臺灣昆達里尼瑜伽教師協會 IKYTA Taiwan
IKYTA Taiwan General Meeting & Election of the 4th Board of Directors

演講者:Kirti Kaur Khalsa (Arizona, USA)

簡報:「阿爾茨海默症研究與預防基金會的執行長,將分享17年來應用該瑜伽技術的研究及其已證實的大腦益處──克爾坦奎亞的藝術與科學 」

“17 Years of Medical Research of the Effects of Kirtan Kriya on the Brain - Its Art and Science”

中文簡報按此)                     (for the English presentation click here)

演講者:Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa  (Montana, USA)


Mata Mandir Singh老師所教的冥想可以參考的講義:按此

如果想參考Yogi Bhajan 老師教這個冥想的時候,

可以到The Library of Teachings:


"...YB: (Over chant) move your lips in the sound. Try to experience this meter. In this rhythm lies the great intuition and harmony. Beautiful, keep up this rhythm, it's beautiful.


(Chanting stops.)

I'll not like you to chant more, the maximum time of this Kriya, there are very few kriyas which has maximum time, normally we will give minimum time, maximum time for this Kriya will supposedly ask you not to do it more than thirty-one minutes. Rhythm is unique and that is the only rhythm which should be maintained and there is no hurry and there is no quickness in it and it's relevantly beautiful and it will be very good indeed to experience that you will come out like from a bud into a flower, you will open up, it's unbelievable. Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Wahe Guru...."



Mata Mandir Singh老師分享怎做Masala醬(含中文字幕):


演講者:Siri Sadhana Kaur  (London, UK)

Mantra 唱誦與舞蹈

臺灣昆達里尼瑜伽教師協會 IKYTA Taiwan
第二屆國際教師論壇 (2019年12月1日) 
IKYTA Taiwan Second International Teachers Congress


“Celebrating Yogi Bhajan’s legacy through his vision for 3HO, KRI and IKYTA:

Group Consciousness and Collaboration as our Compass” 

「慶祝Yogi Bhajan的傳承透過他對於3HO、KRI 與 IKYTA的願景:


Meditations used during the Second Teachers Congress:

1-Prosperity Meditation for Interdependence


2-Meditation for Increase Energy and Working in Groups—the 4/4 Breath


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Talk for IKYTA Taiwan - 2019, Dic.1st


The Past, Present, and Future of 3HO IKYTA


Nam Kaur Khalsa, former Executive Director

Nam Kaur Khalsa,前執行主任


First I’d like to thank Satwant Kaur for her volunteer work for IKYTA Taiwan since March of 2018, and for taking on the translation and publication of Divine Relationships.

首先我得感謝Satwant Kaur從2018年3月起義務為台灣昆達里尼瑜伽教師協會工作,並謝謝她擔負起《神聖關係》一書的翻譯及出版使命。


In the early 90s I was teaching several Kundalini Yoga classes a week -  I got a call from YB out of the blue. He asked me to volunteer 20 hrs a week at the Secretariat office. I said, yes Sir, as was my habit, and immediately thought, I’ll have to give up some of my yoga classes. And he must have read my mind because he said, And don’t give up any of your yoga classes!



I began meeting with Kundalini Yoga teachers from around the world at Summer and Winter Solstices and Women’s Camps to find out what kind of support they needed from 3HO for their classes. Out of that grassroots beginning on the 25th Anniversary of 3HO, Yogi Bhajan founded the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA).  In June, 1994, at our first Annual Teachers Conference 71 teachers met and Yogi Bhajan told us: “It is very fortunate you have this Association.  When I’ll be physically gone, search me out spiritually.  You’ll have to sit together to do it.

我開始在夏至和冬至及女人營的活動上,與來自世界各地的昆達里尼瑜伽教師會面,以便得知這些老師希望3HO能為他們的課堂提供哪一類的支援。當時只是草創階段,一直到3HO 25週年慶時, Yogi Bhajan成立了國際昆達里尼瑜伽教師協會(IKYTA)。1994年6月,在我們的首屆年度教師會議上,71位教師齊聚一堂,Yogi Bhajan對我們說:「你們現在很幸運有這個協會。當我已遠離塵世後,你們只能藉由靈性再追尋我的蹤跡。你們必須同坐一起才能辦得到。」


We started by grandfathering about 300 teachers in the US to give them KRI Certification as most of them had never had formal training as Kundalini Yoga teachers. Yogi Bhajan wanted his longtime teachers to all have the same vocabulary and knowledge. Sat Want Kaur helped spread the word to teachers in Italy about Grandfathering as we didn’t have the convenience of internet yet and used fax machines.

我們先從在美國破例允許約300位教師取得資格開始,授予他們昆達里尼研究學院的證書,因為這些人多半從未接受過昆達里尼瑜伽教師的正式培訓。Yogi Bhajan希望他這些長期執教的老師們都具備同樣的專業詞彙與知識背景。Sat Want Kaur協助向在義大利的老師們傳遞這個破例允許取得資格的消息,因為當年我們還沒有便捷的網際網路,只能仰賴傳真機。


After that we formed a Teacher Training Advisory Committee and met 2x a year over several years with the international KY Teacher Trainers who had already developed their own KY Certification trainings. After a lot of blood sweat and tears we arrived at a international standard for Level 1 trainings. Yogi Bhajan promised to work with me to fill in the outline we had created of all the subjects we thought a Level 1 KY teacher should know.

之後我們組成了教師培訓諮詢委員會,連續幾年來每年兩次與國際昆達里尼瑜伽教師培訓員會晤,這些培訓員早已發展出一套自己的昆達里尼瑜伽認證培訓方法。經過許多心血和汗水的投入後,我們擬定了一級培訓的國際標準。我們根據一級昆達里尼瑜伽教師所應該知道的一切課程訂立了大綱,Yogi Bhajan承諾會和我一起工作,共同依大綱授課。


I was lucky enough to work with Yogi Bhajan on creating the Aquarian Teacher textbook over a seven year period, bringing questions to him as needed. I would tape record our meetings for the Archives and he always got a kick out of that. Sometimes he would tell me to turn the tape player off and recount some funny story off the record!

我很慶幸在為期七年的時間裡,能和Yogi Bhajan一起編寫《寶瓶教師》教科書,在需要時隨時向他提問請益。我會把我們見面的談話錄音歸檔,而他對這個總是樂此不疲。有時他會叫我關掉錄音機,並私下告訴我一些奇聞軼事!


It was not always easy to get a meeting with YB and you often had to come and wait and then come back another day and wait, etc. But I noticed I got in more often and with less waiting time once we started work on the TT textbook. Years later YB laughingly said that whenever I wanted to see him I would invent “work questions” to get an appointment!

要和YB見個面並不總是很容易,常常需要親自到場等候,撲空而回後改天再來,卻又要等個半天,但我發現,一旦我們著手進行《寶瓶教師》教科書的編寫工作,我進去見他的次數就多了,等候時間也短了。幾年後, YB會開玩笑地說,每當我想見他的時候,我只要發明幾個「工作問題」就可以如願得到他的約見!


We then recognized many longtime KY teachers and Ashram leaders as Level 1 Trainers and expanded the number of trainings in the US and internationally, translating the Level 1 textbook into the many languages needed.



Yogi Bhajan told us how important our work was: In the future, changes in technology, psychology, and sociology will be huge. In this chaos of the information age it will be difficult for people to cope with life day to day. They will find that "yoga is the way”- this ancient science has saved mankind before, is saving it now, and shall save it in the future.

Yogi Bhajan告訴我們這個工作有多麼重要:未來,科技、心理與社會的改變將日新月異。在此資訊時代的混亂中,人們每天將越來越難以面對生命。他們會發現「瑜伽才是正道」——這門古老科學早已拯救過、現在也正在拯救、將來亦定將拯救人類。


One morning I was working very early in preparation for one of our heated international Teacher Training meetings in Espanola, and worried that there were so many different opinions about how long the Level 1 program should be.

In one place you could become a KY teacher in two weekends, and in another place it took 2 years! So we needed to find some serious compromises. The phone rang and I picked it up to hear Yogi Bhajan’s voice - he thanked me for organizing his teachings and humbly said, “I don’t have the mind to do it.” I was floored at this amazing compliment and went into the meetings with renewed dedication.

有個早上我很早就開始工作,籌備著我們在艾斯潘諾拉的一場熱烈的國際教師培訓會議,當時很擔心大家對一級課程培訓應需時多久會眾說紛紜。有的地方只要修畢兩個週末的課就可以成為昆達里尼瑜伽教師,另一個地方卻得花上兩年工夫!所以我們必須認真取得妥協。那時電話響了,我拿起話筒聽到Yogi Bhajan的聲音——他謝謝我有系統地組織了他的教學,還謙虛地說:「我才沒心思做這樣的事。」聽到這麼美妙的稱許我訝異得很,後來去開會時就有了煥然一新的投入感。


He told me that IKYTA, IKY-TA, meant ‘one-ness’ and that it should be an umbrella for all teachers to stand under. He wanted teachers to work together in group consciousness to spread Kundalini Yoga. In 1998 he said the following to the teachers of one particular country who were not getting along:


‘You are like 3 tribes there – it doesn’t make sense…resolve your individual differences. Unitedly working has a future. Childish behaviour has no meaning. You are yogis, not ego maniacs. Please understand forever the importance of your standing together.’



Keep up, and keep teaching. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of the Aquarian Age, and we are blessed to deliver it. Thank you for working together to spread the teachings in Taiwan.


By Nirinjan Kaur with a few lines

remembered from Shakti Parwha Kaur


Nirinjan Kaur作,少數幾行由

Shakti Parwha Kaur的



1969 in America Yogi Bhajan started teaching hippies galore.

Although there were a few squares who too wanted more.

We came from the Woodstock Nation[1], the Yogi would say

“Don’t tell us what to do; don’t tell us how to pray.”

 1969年Yogi Bhajan開始於美國教導,嬉皮眾多。





These were the sixties; the Aquarian Age had dawned.

Yogiji’s wisdom foretold all the chaos to come.

He came to train teachers, healers to be

By the grace of God, people who served humanity.






3HO International, he founded, without hesitation.

Healthy, happy, holy—for more than our generation.

Healthy—well, why not?  Happy—I could use some of that.

Holy—I pictured a saint with a halo. No way; not my role.

But his stance was unique—it was about being “whole.”







The center where I lived back in 1971.

A motley crazy group whose spirit bright as the sun.

Together we meditated, a community who began

To learn to live together in harmony as one.






Kundalini Yoga—balance of soul, body & mind

Nerves got stronger, we no longer

got as depressed or stressed; peace we started to find.

Breath of fire—sounded like a panting dog.

But I was hooked—felt so cleansed. Goodbye to the prevailing fog.







A comprehensive package—gosh it felt so right.

From how to wake up in the morning, to how to go to sleep at night.

A life full of experience and fun; a life worth living

In which the greatest happiness comes from the act of giving.






“Don’t love me; love my teachings instead.”

To the women – “You are the grace of God,” he also said.

What does that mean? It was over our heads.

But his women’s teachings—so practical and divine

From low self-esteem to dignity is mine.

Yogi Bhajan’s motto “Keep up”—in every situation.

We cried, laughed, fell, got up—through it all he was our constant inspiration.

「 別愛我;愛我的教導才對。」

對女人,他也曾說 ——「你們是神的恩典之最。」




Yogi Bhajan的座右銘是——不管何種情境,都要 「迎頭追趕」。

我們或哭或笑 ,跌倒又奮起——他自始至終不斷給我們靈感。


“It’s not the life that matters; it’s the courage that you bring.”

We quoted his sayings—they became songs that we sing & sing & sing.

He didn’t ask for perfection; he told us to “look inside.”

Find the real You in you, and put your fears aside.






Throughout the years we became more precise,

Researching material that could give everyone advice.

Soon became experts in posture correction

Teachers branched out in many directions.

Books were written and videos made

To ensure Kundalini Yoga will never fade.








We wish you lots of success in your earthly pursuits.

Make the most of this human experience, but don’t forget your roots.

All things come from God and all things, including you, shall return.

When the lessons for which your soul incarnated have been learned.

Death is just going home, so when consciously done,

You leave the earth plane fearlessly, for liberation you have won.








We may have come to this chapter’s end, but this is just the start.

Yogi Bhajan, the 3HO family—they’re all about the heart.


Yogi Bhajan和3HO大家庭——一切都與內心相關。


[1] Woodstock Nation 本來是指1969年參與在紐約舉辦的胡士托音樂節(Woodstock Music and Arts Festival)的群眾,那是美國搖滾音樂史上的一大盛事;後來泛指上世紀六、七十年代那些以反戰、反建制為號召的人。

台灣昆達里尼瑜伽教師協會 IKYTA Taiwan
第一屆國際教師論壇 (2018年10月27日) 
IKYTA Taiwan First International Teachers Congress

Kriya to Open the Heart Center


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Heart Lotus Meditation


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Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru (Hari Charn Kaur)


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Shabad:Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru - 耀光整理(中文G


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