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Quotes to inspire

Yogi Bhajan

“Gurudakshina is a way to prosperity, power of self-reliance, and confidence of every molecule of your being. It is not only very, very spiritual; it is God-like giving. Though God gives us everything, when we give that much in His Name to our higher Self, it is called Gurudakshina. It doesn’t belong to a man; it belongs to a true Teacher. This is the kriya which makes a teacher a Teacher.”


Quotes to inspire

IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor 

"Kundalini Yoga is the most awesome gift I have ever encountered. It is an incredible, invaluable tool for living. I am amazed at the changes my students have experienced in a relatively short period of time. My gratitude goes out to the organization that brings this information to humanity. The world owes a debt to Yogi Bhajan and the organization that supports his teachings. I feel it is right and a pleasure to support its continuation. I will continue to share 11% of my funds from teaching, knowing that I too grow personally in strength and awareness because of these gifts."


Quotes to inspire

Yogi Bhajan

"When you give to Guru and God, you give with faith and commitment. This makes mother earth and heavenly father to commit to return back in many folds. It is very God-like to give 1/10 of your income and keep 9/10 for your insecurities. This is the code Guru has given us to open all doors of prosperity, good fortune, bounty and luck." 


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