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演講者:Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa  (Montana, USA)


Mata Mandir Singh video for 社團法人臺灣昆達里尼瑜珈教師協會 (IKYTA Taiwan) General Meeting (2020/6/14) 



如果想參考Yogi Bhajan 老師教這個冥想的時候及相關的冥想講義 “Meditation for Stress & Sudden Shock“ 可以到The Library of Teachings:

"...YB: (Over chant) move your lips in the sound. Try to experience this meter. In this rhythm lies the great intuition and harmony. Beautiful, keep up this rhythm, it's beautiful.


(Chanting stops.)

I'll not like you to chant more, the maximum time of this Kriya, there are very few kriyas which has maximum time, normally we will give minimum time, maximum time for this Kriya will supposedly ask you not to do it more than thirty-one minutes. Rhythm is unique and that is the only rhythm which should be maintained and there is no hurry and there is no quickness in it and it's relevantly beautiful and it will be very good indeed to experience that you will come out like from a bud into a flower, you will open up, it's unbelievable. 

Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Wahe Guru...."

Mata Mandir Singh 帶領冥想 2020.6.14

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