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長度:1 hour 48 mins

「靈魂的共振 The Soul Resonance」Sotantar Singh Khalsa & Siri Ram Kaur Khalsa, Taipei Nov. 29th,  2020


學習透過音流瑜伽(Naad Yoga),以十個身體中的任一個顯化你的本質。


我們將探索幾個奎亞、幾個mantra和一些精微知識,以便理解、實踐和感覺我們的Sat Nam——也就是我們備受祝福的身分——的振動。




Learn to manifest your essence, through Naad Yoga and in each of the ten bodies.

We will explore some kriya, some mantra and some subtle knowledge to understand, practice and feel the vibration of our Sat Nam, our blessed identity.

The physical body, as well as the functional minds and the other six human dimensions (the bodies) are activated, interconnected and integrated by the soul awareness and Yoga becomes a very fruitful and blessed practice when we can approach it from this deeper, calmer and stable inner space.

「靈魂的共振 The Soul Resonance」Sotantar S.& SiriRam K.

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