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From “Infinity and Me”, p.36-38

Kriya For Achieving Comfortable, Happy Sleep


從The Library of Teachings網站可以參考這個Kriya的圖片:

Kriya for Achieving Comfortable, Happy Sleep

Time: 46 min - 1 hrs
Exercises: 11
Date: May 9, 1984


Source Manual: Infinity and Me


1. Lie on your back with your legs stretched out straight and your body relaxed. Raise the left arm up to ninety degrees and the right leg up to ninety degrees. Hold this position while you raise and lower your head as fast as you can. This is called "hammering the head." 1 1/2 Minutes.


2. Still on your back, place both hands under your lower back for support, lift both legs up, and rapidly move them side to side, criss-crossing them. Move fast. 2 Minutes.


3. Lie on your back, with your arms by your sides, and lift your left leg up to ninety degrees. Keep your left leg at ninety degrees and bring your right leg up to ninety degrees as well. Bring your left leg over your head to touch the ground behind you. Then lower both legs back down so that you are once again lying flat. Continue this movement for 2 Minutes.


4. Repeat exercise #3, but change the leg that touches the ground behind you. In this exercise bring the right leg up to ninety degrees and then bring the left leg up to ninety degrees. Bring the right leg over to touch the ground behind the head. Then lower both legs back down so that you are once again lying flat. 2 Minutes.


The best love is to serve all equally." YB 「最好的愛就是平等地服務每個人。」

5. Sit in Easy Pose and lock your hands behind your lower back. Bend forward, touching your forehead to the floor, and raising your arms up behind you into Yoga Mudra. Sit back up straight as you lower your arms. Continue bowing and rising up. Move quickly. 2 Minutes.


6. Come onto your hands and knees and begin Cat-Cow. Move quickly. 1 Minute.


7. Sit in Crow Pose and lock your hands on top of your head. Inhale and rise up to standing, exhale and squat back into Crow Pose. Maintain your balance with your elbows. Continue 1 Minute. Move fast. (This exercise shows whether your electro-magnetic field is in shape.)


8. Lie on your stomach with your arms by your sides. Use your navel to press your hips into the floor and raise your chest up off the floor without using your hands. Pull the shoulder blades away from your ears to help lift the chest. Move quickly up and down. This exercise adjusts the ribs if you can do it correctly and quickly. 1 Minute.


9. Lie on your stomach. 俯臥於地。

A. Reach back and grab your left leg with both hands. Raise and lower your chest while holding onto your left leg. Move fast for 20 Seconds.


B. Change legs and repeat the movement for 20 Seconds while holding the right leg with both hands. Move fast.


10. Come into Cobra Pose and then lower yourself back down to the ground. Continue lifting up into Cobra and lowering the chest back to the ground. Move fast and feel free. 20 Seconds.


11. Quickly, lie on your back, lock your arms around your knees and bring your nose to your knees. Roll from side to side. (The roll is from left to right, not from head to hips.) 1 1/2 Minutes.


12. Lie down flat on your stomach with your arms by your sides, palms facing up. Go to sleep for 31 to 45 Minutes. This sleep time is a required part of this set.


This set works to stimulate the navel point area so that we can experience Sukh Nidra, which is comfortable happy sleep. Ideally, if you do these exercises before bed and then go to sleep for the night, it will take away weird dreams and give you wonderful subconscious clearance.

這組奎亞可以刺激丹田區,讓我們能體驗到Sukh Nidra,即舒適快樂的睡眠。最理想的是,睡前先做這些練習再就寢,可以去除奇怪的夢境,讓你的潛意識得到美好的清理。



From “Praana Praanee Praanayam” 「氣、生命、調息法」, p.128:

Meditation: Chattar Chaya Kriya


From “The Waves of Healing”「療癒之波浪」, p. 158-159

Meditation: The Neutral Mind ~ Shabd Kriya


From “Kriya – Yoga Sets, Meditations & Classic Kriyas” 「Kriya 奎亞」, p.191-192

Karam Shambavi Mudra Meditation

從The Library of Teachings網站可以參考Yogi Bhajan教授這個Kriya的錄音檔:

Los Angeles Lecture

Date: May 2, 1972

Location: Los Angeles, CA


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