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當您成為「老師」之後,您對大家就是公開的。您自願喪失了隱私的權利。那麼就會有些人喜歡您,也會有些人因為達不到您的理想和您的教導而不喜歡您。然後他們就會誹謗您,於是您遭受考驗、蒙受詆毀、備受否定、枉受貶低... 那些對老師有信念、也希望能青出於藍的,才是唯一不會因此而抓狂的人。 -Yogi Bhajan, November 11, 1972

Slander & Faith

When you become Teacher you become open to the public. You lose voluntarily the right of privacy. Then some people like you and some who cannot live to your thoughts and teachings do not like you. Then they slander you, then you are tested, slandered, negated, fixed down... Those who have faith in the Teacher and want to become better than him, they are the only ones who will not freak out.

- Yogi Bhajan, November 11, 1972

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