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不要對我報仇,因為我富有慈悲心地愛你。 許多人離開3HO時會生氣,痛苦,侮辱,誹謗,這就是表達痛苦的方式。 因為您不尊重純真。 那就是憤怒的源頭。 當您無法感覺到對方無罪時,您會生氣。 當您覺得自己的孩子不是無罪的時,您就會生氣。 當您生氣時,您就會失去與現實的觸碰。

Yogi Bhajan 4/1/1984 ©YB Teachings, LLC

Don't have vengeance against me, because I compassionately love you. Lot of you when you leave 3HO, you become angry, bitter, insulting, slanderous, and that's the way you express your pain. Because you do not have respect for the innocence. That's where anger comes. When you don't feel the other person is innocent, you get angry. When you feel your own child is not innocent, you become angry. And when you become angry, you lose the touch with reality.

Yogi Bhajan 4/1/1984

©YB Teachings, LLC

The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

Gurdwara Talk - What do we Know?

Date: April 1, 1984 Location: Reston, VA

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