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Sat Nam🌿

從Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa提到Yogi Bhajan老師有關這個shabad說它能夠「毀滅毀滅destroy the destruction,面對絕望confront the hopelessness」:

“The time will come in your life when you will confront one thing – hopelessness. And in your life, this state of mind comes true to confront you. And it will come to individuals and it will come to you as a nation of the Khalsa. If at that time, you read this shabad, all (that) shall go away. This shabad has the competency, the qualified competency, to destroy the destruction. I am accurately using the word.” - Yogi Bhajan

記得在’80年代Mata Mandir Singh把這個Guru Arjan寫的Shabad來作曲-"Remember"專輯-非常好聽!因為只有舊的磁帶,已經無法播放聽,他馬上又錄音了一個新的版本!


(The Hot Winds)

非常適合我們目前面對的時代 💞

Much love to the Taiwan Sangat from Mata Mandir Singh~

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